Landscapes Dyes are now available in New Zealand from Brenel Alpacas Fine Yarns and Fibres either through our online shop or by email/phone.

The Originals range has 36 bright and bold colours.

The Elements range has 30 subtle and complex colours.

The Landscapes Dyes colours are inspired by the Australian environment - the big open spaces of the desert heart, beautiful unspoilt coastlines, the towering eucalyptus forests, the rural expanses of golden grain and the diversity of destinations Australians and their visitors enjoy.

Landscapes were developed to resonate, inspire and connect with spinners, weavers and fibre artists. All colours are intermixable, all dyes leave the fibre soft and undamaged.

Download Colour Chart and Instruction Sheet

Elements Range

30 beautiful new colours inspired by elements of the Australian environment. Landscapes Elements are available either in the colour sets or as individuals.

DESERT - the harsh, raw colours of our red centre.

RURAL - the heartland of Australia.

MOUNTAIN - softer, cool colours of our forests.

COASTAL - fresh, crisp, salty seascapes.

DESTINATIONS - let the names tell the story.

Landscapes Elements will dye wool, mohair, alpaca (protein fibres), silk or nylon either as fleece, spun yarn or fabric.

Landscapes Originals

36 beautiful colours inspired by the clarity of light and the unique natural beauty of the Australian landscape. Landscapes have been developed to give a professional colourfast result with a simple dyeing method. Based on a spectrum format and uniform strength - Landscapes encourage the dyer to use colour as a flexible medium - to be mixed and matched, strengthened and weakened to suit your needs. Colours are based on dyes with good to excellent fastness properties. Landscapes will dye wool, mohair, alpaca (protein fibres), silk or nylon either as fleece, spun yarn or fabric.