Female Alpacas For Sale

As part of our downsizing we have a package of 6 female alpacas for sale. Total cost of the 6 female alpaca package of 6 alpacas is $2,100

This is a great package for anyone wanting to increase their breeding herd at an affordable price.

The genetics of these girls include multiple Supreme Breed and Fibre Champions which include ILR Alpine Fibre's Brutus, Cedar House Woolmaker 2 and Premier Estaban.

Ideally we would like to sell these girls as a package as they have developed a strong bond with each other within the herd, however we are prepared to sell in smaller numbers or individually, but only an individual alpaca if the buyer already owns alpacas.

The package includes -

Tara IAR 57425 - Solid Dark Fawn, Mum to Brandi and adopted Mum to Rose.

Holly IAR 57436 - Solid Light Fawn, nick named the 'Social Bunny' of the herd as Holly always wants to be the 1st to greet us and visitors and to say 'hi'

Jodi IAR 57435 - Solid Light Fawn

Rose IAR 57440 - Solid Medium fawn

Brandi IAR 57437 - Solid Medium Fawn

Abbey - Solid Medium Fawn and adopted Mum to Holly

All are attentive, quiet females, each with their own personalities.

All vaccinations and drenching are up to date. The girls were shorn in December 2017 and are scheduled to be shorn on 14th November 2018.

We have owned alpacas since 1997 and we have a huge focus on the alpaca fibre production and adding value to the alpaca fibre. 

Previous buyers of our animals are very pleased with their purchases and below is an example of feedback received.

'We are thrilled with the girls we have purchased- they have settled in well, it's as though they had always lived here. The quality is fantastic. They are a credit to you both'.

Registry transfer if any is at buyers cost.